Baggage Allowances

Passengers flying domestically in South Africa should check always on baggage allowance restrictions for the particular airline they’re travelling with.

South African Airways Baggage Allowance

Domestic travel with ‘South African Airways’ allows passengers travelling in ‘Economy Class’ free checked baggage of one item with a maximum weight of 23kg and dimensions not exceeding 158cm. ‘Business Class’ travellers have an allowance of one item with a maximum weight of 32kg and maximum dimension of 158cm.


Infants and children that pay at least half of the adult fare are permitted the same allowance as adults for their baggage but infants that have not purchased a seat have an allowance of only one item with a maximum weight of 23kg with a car seat or buggy or collapsible pushchair.

Baggage exceeding 32kg will not be allowed and will be checked in as cargo and charged at the rate for cargo.

Hand baggage permits ‘Business Class’ passengers two items weighing no more than 8kg each while ‘Economy Class’ passengers have an allowance of one item with a maximum weight of 8kg. Both classes of travel may not exceed dimensions of 56x36x23cm for each item. In addition passengers are permitted one small bag or ‘slimline’ laptop case. Hand baggage must fit into the overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front and must not block aisles or any exits.

Elderly or passengers with decreased mobility are permitted to carry for free one wheelchair or assistive device.

The charge for ‘Business Class’ passengers with excess baggage is R350 per item while ‘Economy Class’ passengers will incur a charge of R250 per item.

Sporting equipment has a free allowance per passenger of one item with a weight of no more than 23kg and dimensions not exceeding 158cm. Specified items may be taken on board if an additional seat is purchased to retain the item.

Firearms and ammunition are allowed, provided transportation safety procedures are adhered to and ammunition that is separately packed, weighing up 5kg is permitted for free.

Transportation of musical instruments has no special free baggage allowance, but specific instruments are permitted in the cabin and/or held in an extra seat. These instruments may not contain any substance or item deemed as dangerous.

Sharp items of any nature are not permitted in the cabin and must be packed in checked baggage.


Kulula Airlines Baggage Allowance

‘Kulula’ permits passengers one free checked bag weighing no more than 20kg with dimensions not exceeding 75x43x90cm inclusive of wheels, handles and pockets.

Checked baggage that exceeds the weight of 20kgs per item is deemed as ‘heavy baggage’ and at the airport will incur a R250 charge per item. Items of baggage exceeding the weight of 32kgs (and the stipulated dimensions) will be carried as cargo, on a different flight for which the passenger will be charged.

Additionally passengers are permitted one item of hand baggage not exceeding 7kg in weight with dimensions not exceeding 36x23x56cm (inclusive of wheels, handles and pockets), a ‘slim-line’ laptop bag or a small personal bag or handbag. Items exceeding these limitations will be returned to check-in and passengers will have to buy an additional bag of 20kgs for R350.

Children aged from 2 to 12 years are allowed for free, one checked bag not exceeding 20kg as well as a car seat and collapsible pushchair, additionally one item of hand baggage not exceeding 7kg and one small bag. Additional bags, at a discount rate of 30% may be purchased online 24 hours prior to flight departure.

Infants under two years are permitted for free one checked bag not exceeding 20kg, a car seat, a collapsible pushchair and one item of hand baggage not weighing more than 7kgs. Additional bags may not be purchased.

An exception is made for elderly passengers or those with less mobility who may divide the weight of their one free 20kg bag into two bags, together weighing a total of 20kgs. ‘Kulula’ does not charge additional fees for transporting necessary medical equipment like dialysis machines or wheelchairs but arrangements must be made by contacting 0861 585 852 prior to flight departure.

Passengers that have baggage exceeding the stipulated limitations can purchase extra bags by phoning 0861 585 852 or when booking online at a charge of R245 per bag and payment by credit card. Alternatively for R350, extra bags can be purchased at the ticket sales counters at the airport. This must be done within 2 hours prior to flight departure.

‘Kulula’ transports most sporting equipment. Passengers travelling with sports equipment in addition to their free one 20kg bag are advised to purchase an additional bag online (within two hours of flight departure) for R245. Sports equipment baggage may not exceed 190x75x65cm and if weight exceeds 20kg, a ‘heavy bag’ charge will apply.

Under no circumstances will ‘Kulula’ allow through check-in compressed gases, corrosive, explosives, flammable liquids/solids, radioactive or oxidising materials, poisons or infectious substances.

Firearms are not permitted on board or in cargo.


Mango Airlines Baggage Allowance

‘Mango’ allows checked baggage of up to 20kgs that may consist of more than one bag, but the total bags may not exceed 20kgs. Any baggage in excess of this allowance will be charged per kg at the existing rate, both ways. Any item of luggage in excess of 32kgs will not be accepted for transport.

‘Economy Class’ passengers may take one item of hand baggage weighing no more than 7kgs and not exceeding 36x23x56cms in dimension as well as an overcoat and handbag or ‘slimline’ laptop bag. Passengers travelling with an infant on their lap may take a small catering bag with necessary in-flight items needed for the infant. Any items exceeding these requirements will have to be checked in.

Not accepted in hand baggage are any sharp items that maybe utilised as weapons or toy guns.

Accepted for check-in are knives packed in the passenger’s baggage and conventional crossbows provided strings are relaxed with dismantled arrows and bow.

In the cargo hold lamps, shades and similar items including liquor cartons and liquids are allowed provided they are marked fragile, packaged properly and do not exceed the baggage limitations.

Certain sporting equipment is transported by ‘Mango’. Passengers may take a tennis racquet on board if there is adequate space and surfboards are subject to space availability in the cargo hold. Fishing and diving equipment must be encased and checked in, including limited bowling gear. Golf equipment must be properly sealed and bicycles packed in shipping boxes for which handling fees are applicable.

‘Mango’ does not transport firearms, cross bows operated with a gas cylinder, air/paintball guns or incubators.

A total of 2.5kg dry ice in a ventilated container is accepted into the cargo hold with the container detailing the name of contents and net weight.


Skywise Airlines Baggage Allowance

‘Skywise’ passengers are entitled to free checked baggage of 20kgs and one item of hand luggage weighing no more than 7kgs that must fit into the overhead bin. If baggage exceeds the 20kg limit, a fee of R35 per extra kilogram (over the 20kg) will be incurred. Sporting equipment is included within the allowance of the passenger’s 20kg checked baggage.


FlySafair Airlines Baggage Allowance

‘FlySafair’ allows passengers free hand-baggage of 7kgs with dimensions of no more than 56x36x23cm and which must fit into the overhead compartment. They do not allow free checked baggage but passengers wishing to purchase a checked in 20kg bag can do so for R150 via the call centre or website (payable by card) or at the airport for R250 (payable by cash or card). An extra 20kg bag will cost of R250 either online, via the call centre or at the airport. The maximum dimension for checked baggage is 90x75x43cm. Checked in and extra baggage can be purchased four hours prior to flight departure.

Passengers travelling with in infant under two years may take for free, a car seat and pushchair but camp cots need to be checked in.

Sports equipment costs R280 per item per person and may not exceed 32kgs with dimensions not exceeding 190x75x65cm. Passengers should check on the website for the costs for specific items.

Firearms are strictly prohibited aboard ‘FlySafair’ flights.


British Airways Baggage Allowance

Operated by ‘Comair’ in South Africa, ‘British Airways’ (BA) allows ‘Economy Class’ passengers one free bag of checked in baggage with a weight not exceeding 23kg. Bags in excess of 23kg will incur a charge of R250 and bags weighing more than 32kg will not be accepted but sent as cargo. Passengers travelling ‘Business Class’ are permitted two free bags checked baggage with weights not exceeding 32kg each which is also applicable for ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold Executive Club Members’ irrespective of class of travel. Passengers flying on the same booking as a ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold Executive Club Member’ receive the same privilege.

Passengers allowance for hand baggage is one bag weighing no more than 7kgs with a maximum dimension of 56cmx36cmx23cm and a small handbag or ‘slimline’ laptop bag.

Children older than two years have the same baggage allowance as adults irrespective of their class of travel. Infants are permitted one checked bag not weighing more than 23kg regardless of class of travel plus a car seat and collapsible pushchair.

‘BA’ transports musical and sports equipment which is to be included in the allowance of the passenger’s free checked baggage.

Passengers with mobility aids or acceptable medical devices are allowed to carry these at no charge.

Firearms and ammunition will incur a handling fee.

Pets including their food, containers and carriers will incur a handling fee of R350 per container, which must comply with stipulated dimensions and size.

Excess baggage may be purchased, at the airport, for a fee of R350.

How Do I Book An Unaccompanied Child

Please contact the airline directly to book a ticket for an unaccompanied child as we are not permitted to make these reservations. You can find all the relevant domestic airline contact details by clicking on their pages respectively.

How Do I Know If My Flight Booking Is Confirmed

Your booking will only be confirmed once your credit card transaction has been processed or the money you transferred via EFT has reflected on our account. Once processed, you will receive an e-ticket email or, for certain low cost carriers, a confirmation email with a reference number.

When you make your booking, we will first send you a booking confirmation e-mail. This contains:

  1. Your booking reference number
  2. Your airline booking reference number
  3. Your flight details
  4. Your payment details

For non low cost carriers you will receive an e-ticket email, which contains, in addition to the points above:

  1. Your e-ticket number
  2. A link where you can log in and view real-time information about your flightFor low cost carriers you will receive a confirmation email from the respective airline with the reference number and a confirmation email from us. Please note that low cost carriers do not issue tickets.
How Do I Make A Flight Booking
  1. Enter your departure city
  2. Enter your arrival city
  3. Enter your departure date
  4. Click the box to decide whether you want a return trip or one way (the default is return)
  5. Enter you return date
  6. Enter the number of passengers
  7. Under ”Advanced search options’ you can choose to specify a particular airline and business or first class if you like.
  8. Click on the large orange ‘Search’ button to continue. On an international routing you can tick ‘+/- 3 days’ and we will show you the lowest fares available taking your flexibility into account.
  9. After a short wait you will be taken to the search results page. These results can be sorted by airline, price, departure time, duration and stops
  10. When you have decided which flight suits you and your pocket the best simply click the orange ‘Book flight’ button.
  11. The next page is the review page of the flights and the choice of travel extras (eg Travel Insurance). If you would like more information about any of the products, click on the ‘View details’ button. When you are ready to pay simply click the ‘Continue’ button.
  12. The next page is the passenger page where you enter the passenger details for all passengers
  13. The payment page follows where you choose your method of payment. Once selected, you enter all relevant details as requested. If you choose ‘credit card payment’, it will be necessary to fill out your credit card details in the form that opens up. If you choose internet transfer, you can select your bank to retrieve the payment details. Please note that low cost carriers do not allow us to offer the internet transfer option. Once completed, click the ‘Pay now’ button when you are ready to pay. This may sound like a lot, but it’s much simpler when you actually try it out!
  14. Your will then receive your booking references and an overview of the booking made.
Online Check In

To check in online please go to the relevant airline’s website by clicking on the links below. Here you will enter your booking reference. You must use the booking reference of the airline itself which can be found under the itinerary section of your booking reference.

For Mango Airlines click here:

Mango Airlines Online Check In

For Kulula Airlines click here:

Kulula Airlines Online Check In

For South Africa Airways click here:

South African Airways Online Check In

For British Airways click here:

British Airways Online Check In

What Type Of Payments Do You Accept

You can pay by internet transfer, cash deposit at a relevant bank or credit card (against a processing fee). At present, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club. You need to enter your credit card details on our website when making your booking in order to process your payment and confirm your booking.

If you prefer to pay by internet transfer, please use the following bank account:

Branch code: 123209
Account number: 1232117978

Branch code: 632005
Account number: 4069885562

Branch code: 020909
Account number: 070638241

Branch code: 202509
Account number: 62182487895

Reference: Your booking reference number and any passenger surnames sent to you in the booking confirmation

Send us your internet payment confirmation to alert us of your payment (please note that this cannot be accepted as proof of payment). Fax it to: 086 679 5337 or e-mail it to: [email protected]

Where Do I Check In

All South African Airlines recommend the following standard check-in times:

  • Domestic flights: 1 hour prior to departure
  • International flights: 2 hours prior to departure
  • Flights to and from USA: 3 hours prior to departure is recommended

To find out which terminal you depart from and arrive in, please refer to the airline’s website.

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